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Bukowski's Lost Film
Vancouver B.C. - 1979
In 1979, Charles Bukowski came to Vancouver B.C. to read his poetry in front of a raucous crowd of 650 people. Bukowski alternatively reads poems and then taunts the crowd. They in turn cat-call, heckle and jeer. Bukowski gets more and more intoxicated from the red wine which is always close at hand and eventually even threatens one of the hecklers to "go outside" with him. Later a bottle flies over his head and hits the curtain behind.

The promoter of the event, Dennis Del Torre had the forsight to hire a Cameraman and tape the event. Two tapes were made on the night, one went to Bukowski and the second stayed with the Cameraman. Bukowski left the following day with his copy and when Del Torre went to pick up his copy a few days later, to his horror, he found out that someone had taped over it.

He did not see the tape for 25 years until 2004 when to his surprise a documentary film maker from Los Angeles called him up out of the blue to ask for permission to use some of the footage from the film in his own documentary about Bukowski. Del Torre immediately arranged to have a copy sent to him. Glen Emery, the European distributor of the film found out about this story from his sister who lives in Vancouver. He contacted Del Torre with the offer to distribute this film into the markets where Bukowski is most popular…. namely in Europe.